Points about my job search

I'm going to write about this recent job search of mine in detail soon, but I thought I'd write down some points that you might find handy.

  • Deleting my LinkedIn profile prior to the search has had literally zero negative effects. It's massively overrated as a platform.

  • Having a hire me page has been super handy. It helps communicate your needs and wants consistently with the company and also provides you with a specification to test companies against.

  • Not having a traditional, PDF-based résumé has had a negative impact, though. This shouldn't be the case in 2018.

  • My best leads have come from contacts within companies and intros from good friends (even my boss). Only one “cold” lead has progressed any further than initial conversations.

  • There are far too many companies trying to solve problems with the blockchain and crypto.

  • We obsess about technology and tools far too much and obsess about people's well-being far too little.

  • Be wary of companies that begrudgingly allow you to work remote. It probably won't work out in the long run.

  • Far too many companies require people to live in incredibly expensive cities to sit in front of a computer, communicating over Slack all day. It seems counterintuitive to someone who works well, remotely.

  • Remote-first companies have had the best interview setups—especially when they use their day-to-day tools to conduct them.

  • Having supportive pals has been valuable in what's been a very stressful period for me. You know who you are, mates 💖

We've got a lot of work to do as an industry to make recruitment better for people. I'm hyper-aware of what my privilege as a CIS, white male has brought me. It shouldn't be the case.

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