Social freedom

I’ve recently stopped going on Twitter as much. I still go along to check notifications and DMs because I leave them open for if folks want advice or help. I mainly use Twitter now via an RSS feed of this 'Calm Twitter' list that I made, which I much prefer.

I feel so much better for reducing my time on Twitter. It’s turned so toxic and personal-brand orientated. I’ve been guilty of that myself, but wall-to-wall self-promotion and Trump outrage is killing me. This is a nightmare before you even consider the endless guilt that supporting a platform that’s marked itself as a haven for Nazis kicks in.

The only real frustration is that Twitter is synonymous with the web industry. I hope that changes eventually.

I left Facebook a few months ago. I still have an account and check it about twice a month to see if there are any significant events. There rarely is. Reducing my time on that particular platform was liberating too, so I’m considering what’s next. Its probably going to be Instagram because again, that’s turned into a toxic, wall-to-wall self-promotion festival.

I’m finding solace in RSS feeds and Mastodon. Mastodon in particular is proving to be a good place to be and I'm very much enjoying the community building effort that's going on.

To conclude, one thing is for sure: I’m skeptical about big tech companies and that feeling is getting much stronger. It’s something I’ll address in proper article at some point.

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