Open letter to Laurence Robertson MP

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Dear Laurence,

I’m writing to ask you to consider supporting the motion that is getting put forward by Angus B MacNeil MP. A supporting petition, at the time of writing has nearly 3 million signatures, and is rising, rapidly.

The Brexit process has descended into desperate, divisive chaos which is causing extreme levels of damage to the United Kingdom and its citizens. If this process results in a no deal exit of the EU, the damage will be unprecedented.

You and I don’t align politically with each other, but this situation goes far beyond party politics—or even political association. A lot of the damage that has already been caused, politically, can probably be attributed to the divisive, tribalism of party politics where each “side” refuses to cooperate—or even speak with each other. This has also been amplified with both major parties lurching further apart to the left and right wings of the political spectrum. I lay the blame of this chaos equally with your party, The Conservative Party and The Labour Party.

The Brexit situation is now critical. Excluding the minority that want a destructive, hard Brexit: there’s a clear will from the majority of people that we don’t fall off the cliff-edge into a no deal situation. As it stands, this is still a very real threat, being that it is the default, legal position. The so-called “will of the people”, extracted from the referendum result wasn’t for this situation. The “will of the people” was to prosper outside of the EU, as that was what was sold to them in the referendum campaign. You also can’t translate a three year old opinion into an excuse to damage the country. I personally don’t want to destroy my children’s future because of this.

I’ll finish this letter by saying that a revocation of Article 50 wouldn’t be “against democracy”. It is your role as democratically elected MPs to protect the citizens of The U.K. from damaging situations like we find ourselves in—to act in the national interest. People who voted to leave the EU will undoubtedly be angry in the short term at a revocation of Article 50, but, in time, we, as a country should be able to focus on healing anger on both sides of the debate and moving forward in the safety of a full membership of the EU and not in a no deal no man’s land. Only then will we, as a country be able to unify to repair the deep-rooted issues that got us in this situation in the first place.

We owe it to both U.K. citizens and EU citizens to resolve this situation.

Thank you,
Andrew Bell

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