Piccalilli is changing

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Last year, I declared myself sick of the same old tech stuff and created Piccalilli: a newsletter focused on CSS and just cool web stuff. While this newsletter has brought joy to so many people, including myself: things are changing.

I have big plans for this project, but for now, the newsletter part is on a hiatus, while I make some core changes to how things work. It’s by no means game over for Piccalilli. Instead, consider this the start of the future.

I’ve always seen Piccalilli as being more than a newsletter, which I alluded to in a now expired redesign journal, where you can also see the pain points that I had with the platform that Piccalilli lived on. These pain points never went away, but in a way, I’m glad they exist because they forced me to think about what I wanted to offer with this project.

I’ve decided to make the “more” aspect of Piccalilli a reality. I won’t give away too many details for now, but rest assured, it’s very aligned with other projects that I am currently running. As always, being the overly open person that I am, I will share details regularly.

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I’ve closed down the newsletter and archived all of the issues. If you want to be unsubscribed, drop me a line and I’ll get that sorted for you as soon as possible.

For now, thank you all so much in believing in this project and especially thank you to those who I featured in the issues. Your work inspires the heck out of me.

I just know you’re going to love the changes to this project and what it’s going to eventually evolve into. I’m super excited and I should get cracking, pronto.

Hi 👋, I’m Andy — an educator and web designer

I produce front-end development tutorials over at Front-End Challenges Club and Piccalilli. You can sign up for updates on Piccalilli to stay up to date with its progress.

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