Week Notes 12

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Friends, I am tired. Because of this, I spent some time this week doing some future scheduling and blocked out a chunk of May and nearly all of June to have some holiday time and also to just work on side-projects. I’ve felt some burnout pangs recently, so I want to manage those early on.

Burnout is weird, because I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing right now, but I think the shitty job search at the back end of last year and baby-related sleep deprivation have caught up with me a bit, now the initial honeymoon period of being back to freelance has passed. That, and I have been non-stop since November (minus the Christmas holidays). I think coming to the end of what have been a couple of monster projects contributes, too.

I suffered burnout real bad a few years ago and I’m no where near that point, but that experience taught me the signs at least, which gives me the upper hand in dealing with it head on. I never want to find myself that deep again because it took nearly two years to get through it.

Look after your bonce, kids.

I finished the week on a real high because it’s looking like I’ve landed a normal website project. I’m looking forward to just designing a website with HTML and CSS and a light seasoning of vanilla JavaScript. I don’t really get to make actual websites these days, so it’ll be a real pleasure project for me. It’s nice to take a break from massive systems work sometimes.

I’m also discussing a few collaboration ideas with people I like a lot, so the back-end of this year should be lush. This is why I went back to freelancing, to have this flexibility and enjoy what I do more.

Have a good week, pals.

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